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   You can find here many tallented people.They all represents large part of Moldavian Art and Culture: painters and their masterpieces, writers and singers and their song and poems, also you can hear their songs and interpretation, for this you must have Real Player 5.0 installed on your computer, those songs and interrpritations are on romanian language (official language of Moldova). Also we have organized virtual gallery of Painters of Moldova (A&A Gallery Moldova) for promotion of Moldavian Painters and Artists.Their works are appreciated all over the world and now you can splendid ocation to see them and enjoy theirs beauty and kindness.
A&A Gallery Moldova

This gallery provides wide spectrum of services which could be interested not only for artists and painters from Moldova, but for all Maecenases and patrons of the arts all over the world.

 CD-ROM Publishing

New CD-ROM publications and review of our products, you can find interesting for you, Besides developing the software for the CD-ROM also we manufacture and make exterior emplementation.

Since 1997 Olsedim Ltd. is a producer of CD-ROM in Moldova. We are the first who become to provide such service in Moldova. One of the first series of the productions was "Medicine Atlases" this seria contents educational CD-ROMs for students of speciality, and also for people interested in medicine.Als in the educational purposes was created in 1999 first part of "Primele cuvinte in Limba Romana", which contents the set of educational and entertainment programs for learning and playing with Romanian Language for children and adults. We producing some presentation disk for firms and companies from Moldova in advertising purposes.
 Moldavian Music

Karaoke in Romanian - merry melodies, gives you special mood to sing them and learn Romanian,
singer Vitalie Dani.
By poem of famous Moldavian poet
Ianos Turcanu was created an entertainy disc for children - "Insula Madagascar".

Visul cu masina

Listen a frame
Listen a frame
 Ianos Turcanu

Ianos Turcanu is a poet and a writer of Republic of Moldova. He wrote a lot of book especially for children, more than 100 poems for popular songs, more of them are for children. Listen and enjoy!

Toate trec ...
ALO, ALO ...
Ochii Tai...
Doua Ruguri.
La Ora 5...
Vom fi mereu impreuna.


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