Welcome to our vitual gallery.
   Here you can see the pieces of art of the most tallented artists and painters from Moldova. Moldova is a country rich in  tallents, but also a country which bagan self-existance after collapsing of Soviet Union and what`s why our tallents need to be shown and promoted all over the world. The idea of creating virtual gallery was not an accident because we also are occupied with promotion in WWW of Moldavian Artists and this site is some king of resault of our long work and expierence in such things.We also believe that our gallery will help to Moldavian tallents to sell their pieces of art using WWW.
   All information about kind of services we provide you can see at Services . To get some new information about Moldavian Art Exhibitions and Virtual Exhibition you can at News. Finally you can add you own link to own free list - on Link.
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