Valentin Koryakin 

The deserved figure of arts in Moldova 
Was born November 15, 1933 in settlement of a urban type Usti-Talimenka 
Altay territory Siberia. 

Has Graduated a republican art school of a name Repin 
State Belorusian Theatre Art Institute 1960-1966 

The member of union of the artists of Moldova at 1969. 

Since 1966 the participant almost all Republican 
All-Union and many international exhibitions 

The participant of many international creative groups: 
Far East, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Kuril islands, 
Central Asia, Far North, Russia,Crimea, 
Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria. 

The products were on display at exhibitions in the countries:
 Romania (1976), Poland (1979), Kongo, Switzerland (1981),
Hungary, Finland (1981,1987), Austria (1982,1990), Domasc (1983),
Denmark (1985), Iraq (1986), France, Czechoslovakia, Mongolia,
Ghana (1987), Bulgaria (1987,1994), Portugal, Cyprus, Germany (1988),
Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belorusia,
Georgia, Armenia, Baltic States.

The masterpieces are in museums:
Kishinev, Moscow, Vladivostok, in the countries
The Central Asian republics, Krasnoyarsk,
Cities of Siberia, Murmansk, Rastov-on-Don,
Batumi, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria.

In private collections:
Bulgary, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany,
Frence, USA, Israel, Japan, Canada, Russia,
Ukraine, Belorusia.