Name: Iurii  Canasin
Date of birth: 27. 09. 1939 /in the family of political represents, descendent/
Address: ap. 50, 2, A. Saharov, Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova


  the School of choreography / Russia, N. Novgorod/
  the School  of construction / Chisinau, R. Moldova/
  the High sport school /the master of sport, Chisinau, R. Moldova/
  the Republican College of Fine Arts /Chisinau, R. Moldova/
  the High College of Fine Arts & Industry /Russia, Moscow/


  the Member of the Union of Artists / Chisinau, R. Moldova/
  the Secretary of the Union of Artists / Chisinau, R. Moldova/
  the Director of the Republican College of Fine Arts / Chisinau, R. Moldova/
  the Rector of Childrens`s Academy / Chisinau, R. Moldova/
  the Member of Board of the Ministry of Culture / Chisinau, R. Moldova/
  the Adviser & Member of the President Council / Chisinau, R. Moldova/
  the Adviser of the International University of Management /R. Moldova-Holland/
  the Professor of the Academy of Music, Theatre & Fine Arts /Chisinau, R. Moldova/
  the President of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace in R. Moldova /  headquarters Washington, USA/
  the Manager European Programs "Master Class"
  the first- vice President of the Lions Club Association "Chisinau Vilium"



27 personal exhibitions during of 45 years of professional activity in the countries:

R. Moldova, Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Latvia, India, France, 
Germany, Turkey, Estonia, Spain, and other.


Since 1971 I`m participant of different International, Republican and Regional Simposiums and Conference with the problems in Fine Arts, Science, Education, Culture
in such  countries as:

R. Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, India, Estonia, China, France Turkey and
other countries, with the main scientific- publicistic articles and reports.
  the silver medal "For contribution in the Fine Arts"/the Ministry of Culture, Russia/
  the gold medal "For merits in Education"/the Academy CE/UNESCO, Ukraine,  Kiev/
  the gold medal of the Patriarh of Russia
  the silver medal of the Patriarh of Ierusalem, Israel
  the "Order of Honor" /the  Academy of the CE/ UNESCO, /Ukraine, Kiev/
  the medal "M. Eminescu" of the President of Romania
  the "Order of the Republic" of the President of R. Moldova
  the Order "Scared Prince D. Solunskii" of the Patriaph of Ukraine, /Ukraine, Kiev/

  the Winner of the Republican Price "Boris Glavan" / Chisinau, R. Moldova/
  the Winner of the International Prices /R. Moldova, Yugoslavia, Hungary/
  the Conferenciar
  the Doctor of Philosophy
  the Academician
  the Professor
  the Maestro of Arts