The Miltovs  -  the folk-artists
Bogomyakova Larisa.
The mother is the folk-artist. Was born on September 15, 1954 in Transbaikalian city Sretensk. Graduated the Kishinev Pedagogical institute. Was engaged in art gymnastics, bard's songs, mountaineering and was the children's trainer. Worked on islands of the Central Arctic Region in Northern sea geology and wild Siberian taiga.  Has of two sons 23 and 14 years. 
Birch bark is engaged since January, 1996.

Miltov Valeriy.
The fatheris the folk-artist.
Was born on January 26, 1959 in vallage Berezovka of Irkutsk area. Has finished a Irkutsk prospecting technical school. Was the sapper, built the Baikal-Amur highway. Worked on Far East, on Far North in Sea geology, wild Siberian taiga. Had private enterprise "Rossy", uniting the folk-artisans. Has of the son 14 years. Birch bark is engaged since 1991, studied at the grandfather.

Miltov Ivan.
The son is the beginner folk-artist.. Was born on November 24, 1984 in  Kishinev, republic of Moldova. The pupil of a Liceum - grammar school. Is engaged in Russian hand-to-hand fight. Birch bark is engaged since 1997. 

Lake Baikal (Russia, Siberia) is the very place they collect the birch bark for their crafts.