Articles made of birch bark (The National Museum of the Moldova)
Since the ancient times people know the natural material, birch bark, which has the exceptional characteristics. Knowing its curative qualities our distant ancestors used the dishes, made of birch bark cans, preserved bread in birch bark bread - bins, wore bijouterie made of it for healing and decorating.
It removes the negative energy out the organism, filling it with the positive one, regulates the pressure, cures the headache and the pain in joints, makes hair healthier and conduces to their growth.
Birch bark purifies the products and extend their terms of preservation. People used to consider birch bark to be sacred and wore a piece of it for good luck and to keep themselves from witchcraft.
The durability of the birch bark is confirmed with the ancient birch bark deeds, which are the authentic documents of our history.
The items made of birch bark are mot sensitive tothe frost, can be washed in the common cold water. They are resilient and durable. Methods of producing are carving and pulling. All the articles are unique and are made by hand. Masters of popular crafts:
Miltov Valeric          father 
Bogomyakova Larisa    mother 
Miltov Ivan             son